Heirship Signs DR RESPONSIBLE, “Dryads” Cassette Set for January 2015 Release

Heirship Records is proud to announce another addition to the family and catalogue —
Dryads by Dr Responsible will be out 1/17/15 on cassette and digital download.

dr_responsiblePhoto by Andrew Crook.

Dr Responsible is the moniker of Bryce Robert Hays, also of Withershins and The Marathon Guitarkestra. Dryads is an exercise in ambience, loops, percussive and melodic reveries, capable of both lulling the listener into a daze, and exciting the mind with inventions and intersections of guitar noodles and swells.

Residents of the midwest, RSVP to the Facebook event, and residents of the Milky Way, check out a song off the upcoming album below:


Heirship is proud to announce that we will be releasing the debut full-length from Urbana’s Motes. The album will be called Keep It in the Dark, and will be out on CD/Digital/LP in 2015.

Isaac and Elizabeth spoke to SmilePolitely Radio about collaborating, which you can check out here. Elizabeth spoke to Buzz about the recording process and more here. There are photographs from the Heirship Records Showcase at Cowboy Monkey Friday, November 21, 2014 here — the showcase also featured Heirship alum The Chemicals and Terminus Victor.

Check out Motes’ first single, ‘Freeway’, here:

Heirship Records Releases Hot Cops! Debut LP “JUBILEE” on Cassette











The Hot Cops! have been a staple of Champaign-Urbana slopcore for the better half of a decade. The raucous guitars, heavy rhythm section, and impassioned vocals of lead singer/guitarist Nik Allen have been the soundtrack to many a drunken celebration in these twin cities. Finally, after years of playing these songs out live, we finally have their final recorded destination in the first full-length album by the quartet, JUBLIEE. Available on limited cassette and digital download. Released 17 October, 2014.

Cassettes will be available first at the RECORD RELEASE PARTY at Mike N Molly’s tomorrow, SATURDAY, 18 October, 2014. Come party like an animal.

THE CHEMICALS To Release New Album ‘MONO’ on Heirship Records FRIDAY, JULY 11

Heirship is proud to announce the newest release from Champaign stalwarts THE CHEMICALS – it’s a long EP, a short LP…Whatever you want to call it, it’s seven new tracks from the alt-country/indie/noiserock/awesome band that’s been around town rocking out longer than most. These songs feel like summer, they feel like a dream. Catch their headlining set at Mike N Molly’s on FRIDAY, July 11 with Austin’s The Ghost Wolves, Chicago’s Me Jane, and locals The 92s.









Pre-order the album below and stream the lead single, “All God’s Creatures.”

Gr8Sky OUT NOW On Heirship Records

Sky’s double album “Gr8Sky” is now available online both digitally and in the form of a limited edition cassette – only 50 pressed, so snatch this tape while it’s still around!

Listen to both “Day” and “Night” in the player below, and follow the bandcamp links to purchase the tape or download the album – comes with a special bonus track!


Main CoverArt

Heirship Records is proud to announce its next release, Gr8Sky, the double album by Champaign emcee Sky. Sky has been performing and releasing music for several years in the 217 hip-hop underground, both with the supergroup TheGr8Thinkaz and as a solo performer.

The album will be available on LIMITED EDITION CASSETTE at the Record Release Party at Mike N Molly’s on THURSDAY, May 15 featuring Landon Wordswell, Mostafa, Chase Baby, and DJ Crispy Bill.

The record exists in two parts:
Side A = Day; Side B = Night.

Listen to the album’s lead single “TranQuil” below.

Swords’ DEPTH Out November 2, 2013 on Heirship Records



After many trials and tribulations, local hip-hop artist Swords has completed his second full-length LP, Depth. And we’re throwing a goddamn party to celebrate. Swords has been active in the C-U music scene for the better part of a decade, doing everything from afterparty shows to opening for nationally touring acts such as Brother Ali and Nappy Roots. His new album is a mixture of underground breakbeat hip-hop and proto-punk/garage rock, and features members of acclaimed Champaign acts such as The Dirty Feathers, Moonwish, Sun Stereo, and fellow Heirship artist Withershins.


Pygmalion Music Festival is upon us, Champaign-Urbana! It’s a yearly time of great anticipation and excitement. Every year in September, local bands get to play alongside national acts that they’d otherwise not get to were it not for Seth Fein and his commitment to our scene. We plan to do an annual compilation of some of the finest tracks C-U has to offer anyways, but for this inaugural comp, we’ve chosen local acts who are slated to perform at Pygmalion this year.
It is free to stream on our bandcamp, and limited edition physical copies will be floating around the festival, so be double-sure to catch our locals’ performances this year and take home a piece of Champaign history.

SWORDS To Release LP on Heirship, Drops Music Video For “Hell and High Water”

Local emcee Swords will be dropping his next full-length album “Depth” on Heirship Records at a release party at Cowboy Monkey in Downtown Champaign on SATURDAY, November 2nd. Joining him on the bill is Paulie Walnuts, Jarrel Young & Misfit Music, as well as Carbondale trio Secondary Modern, with DJ Belly featuring on the decks. In addition to this announcement, Swords has debuted the music video for the album’s first single, “Hell and High Water.” If you enjoy the track, call in to WPGU (217) 337-1071 and/or WPCD (217) 373-3790 and support local hip-hop by requesting the track. Check out the video below.

Swords – Hell and High Water from Shannon Swords on Vimeo.

Grandkids’ LP Timeshare To Be Released On Vinyl – PRE-ORDER NOW!

Heirship Records has been working in conjunction with Lafayette/Cleveland’s Jurassic Pop Records to press Grandkids’ Timeshare out on vinyl! This will be Heirship Records’ first release on wax. CDs are also being pressed. Comes in a beautiful colour sleeve with artwork by A.B. Moore.


CURB SERVICE releases new album “Romeo Jive”

Champaign-Urbana has recently seen a rise in local hip-hop, in quantity and quality – perhaps one of the highest points since Krukid left town and the dubstep scene arrived and transmogrified local clubs and tastes and attitudes. Young Blu has seen national success; Jay Moses and The Gr8 Thinkaz have garnered positive reviews and impressive support from the community; Jarrel Young and Misfit Music and The Struggle have invigorated the local experience of the genre by adding the energy and directness of the live band; Swords is about to drop his next full-length on Heirship Records his fall (DEPTH – stay tuned)…And now – almost out of nowhere – comes another sign that hip-hop is alive and well in these twin cities: CURB SERVICE (Larry Gates) is releasing their first LP in 5 years.

Rome Jive is an extension and an evolution of the Fly Casual EP. The killer beats, thoughtful rhymes, sick hooks, stellar production, badass guitars, expert song structures, and self-depricating while suavely hyping attitude and execution are all there. The tunes remind one of that trip-hop vibe brought from Sneaker Pimps and Beck; the beats recall DJ Shadow and the Beasties amongst others; while there’s enough throwback to convince there is indeed real cane sugar in the mix, there is enough of that modern sound, production, and edge to be terribly relevent – and to be honest, just in time. The rock and rap scenes are nudging shoulders, but CURB SERVICE rides the line between pop, hip-hop, rock, singer-songwriter, and even dance and dub such that not only are genres blurring within this album…But perhaps if Mister Gates and his beats make more appearances in our scene, these mix-up bills will be even more prevalent and present and popular and popping.

There’s weight in this album. Not just in the wait itself, but the content belies a more experienced composer and songwriter. With song subjects such as fatherhood and love past lust as well as coming-of-age-yet-again, Gates has crafted a moving collection of songs with a message that’s both quite personal and somehow brilliantly party. If you love introspection or just jamming out in your vehicle, this ABSOLUTELY FREE full-length album by CURB SERVICE “Romeo Jive” should be in your damn car and on your goddamn computer, in your fucking ears. It might even end up in your mind and – dare we say – heart.

Jay Moses’ #TheGenius EP to be released digitally July 30 on Heirship Records

This new EP by Jay Moses is both a reflection and a reckoning.
Jay Moses’ full-length debut THE GENESIS has been in process and progress since 2010, and will be unleashed upon the world later this year.

As Jay ‘Moses’ Walker considered this, this started with The Genesis…But after years of building up a reputation as one of the hottest, brightest emcees in the 217, it is becoming clear that this has just begun.

#TheGenius is not a mixtape – it is an EP proper. It comes as a three-act play, with its own cast of characters. Its ambition and energy are almost otherworldly.

#TheGenius will be available on the Heirship Records Bandcamp on Tuesday, July 30th, 2013.

Withershins release new single, “A Patient Boy”

Withershins went into their favourite haunt, Earth Analog, back in April and arranged and recorded a new tune in a single day.

It’s called “A Patient Boy,” and is their first recording to feature their new drummer, Luke Bergkoetter (Fireflies, Take Care, Annas, Bookmobile, &ct).

UPDATE: In commemoration of the Supreme Court ruling against the Defense of Marriage Act, Withershins have made this track and BOTH THEIR ALBUMS absolutely free for download today, June 26, 2013.

Lots of news coming up for Heirship, but in the meantime, enjoy this hazy track described by producer Rokmore as “like a cloud.  How do [Withershins] get that damn sound?”

Goblin Colors’ Debut Full-Length OUT NOW

Ladies and gentlemen,

one of my most highly-anticipated releases of this year is available now.  For free.

If you go to, you can download their debut LP CHAMBERS for free, instantly.
I could say so much about these tones and structures.  The dynamic is truly cosmic: their brotherhood on rhythmic and melodic display.

However, I will simply tell you to download this record and see them at all costs this Saturday April 20th at The Velvet Elvis.  They are opening up for one of Champaign’s greatest dreampop acts, Common Loon.

THE FIGHTS Release EP on Home Label “Fights Brewed Records”

Champaign-Urbana’s premiere post-country quintet have released an EP on Bandcamp via their home label, Fights Brewed Records and physically on disc tonight at Cowboy Monkey with Rough Trade Records’ Houndmouth and locals The ACME Principle.

Everyone’s abuzz about their humblecore

Grandkids are still on the road, and their album Timeshare is still amazing.  And for sale, right here.
Read some great things folks have to say about the record:

“Handsome and well-composed” – The Wild Honey Pie

“A complex piece of art, with many layers of sound and intricacy, and I would put it up there among the best albums I’ve heard in the last few years — from anyone.” – Smile Politely

“Grandkids have grown up—no longer the pop-rock quartet stuck on anxious youthfulness and brooding adolescence, Timeshare sees them embrace a sound that is at once organic, energetic, and contemplative. There is not a moment on Timesharethat feels forced, but instead Grandkids make themselves comfortable in the chamber pop niche they’ve cut out for themselves.” – Buzz Magazine








3/20 CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA – The Garage w/ Kyle Woolard
(The Anatomy of Frank) and Cold Fronts
3/22 PHILADELPHIA, PA – TBA w/ Cold Fronts
3/23 YORK, PA – Beer Mongers w/ Cold Fronts
3/24 INDIANAPOLIS, IN – Sara Bell’s Presence w/
Moorhound and Dan and Joe from Bonesetters

HSR03 Terminus Victor – Prevention vs Intervention

$7 COVER+++++++++AGES 19+

In the tradition of Joy Division, Sonic Youth, My Bloody Valentine, and Slint, Terminus Victor caresses the essence of fear, stability, understanding, and intimacy.  With guitars and a drumkit.

This album is heavy, but with a momentum unencumbered.  The tones are stark and quite dark.  The drums are intese, ever the more present due to this being the band’s first full-length with a full-time (human) drummer.  It’s been a seven-year itch they’re dying to scratch.  You know the songs – they’ve been played out in the Midwest for the better half of a decade.  They know the songs.  It’s a true “Ditka vs Hurricane Ditka” situation placing their album “Prevention vs Intervention” up against its live performance.  There is something utterly visceral and FUN about the T Vic live show.  There is something impressively dramatic yet effortless in the presentation of these songs on this disc.  If desired, the vocals can act as part of the rhythm section as a way to haze out and hit at the same time, should you be involved otherwise while the record is playing wherever you are; conversely, if you are actively listening, emotional moments are an invigoration of something not quite buried, not quite forgotten.

But, again, if you music is just your soundtrack, it might just give you drive.

Or, if you stop paying attention at the wrong moment, it might catch you unawares like that part in Raiders of the Lost Ark where that Bronson-looking Nazi got chopped up by that aeroplane.

Terminus Victor headlines at Mike N Molly’s in Champaign, Illinois on Saturday, March 16th with Chicago’s Bear Claw and Tolono’s THUNDERTRUCK.

HSR04 – Grandkids “Timeshare”


It’s finally here!  The new Grandkids record!

Just click ‘BUY’ under the player to the right and it’s yours!  Or, of course, go to

Timeshare will be streaming in its entirety all day today, March 7th, 2013, in honor of the band’s record release show/tour kickoff in Champaign!


Get to Mike N Molly’s for THREE other bands also headed to SXSW: Phox, Cold Fronts, and Minor Characters, and pick up a beautiful download card featuring art from A.B. Moore (  Tell your friends and the record and the show!  Spread the love as we send our four fearless freaks out into the world to represent the 217!


Welcome to the new Heirship Records website!

Here you will be able to read up on all of your favorite Heirship artists and get up to date information on all related activities!


Straight out the gate, we are excited about two highly anticipated releases out via Heirship this month!  Humblecore quartet GRANDKIDS and post-punk three-piece TERMINUS VICTOR will be releasing full-length albums with us in March 2013.  Stay tunes, we’ll have digital copies available for download from both, and physical discs for sale for Terminus Victor.

Thank you for supporting independent, local music.



-isaac arms.