HSR03 Terminus Victor – Prevention vs Intervention

$7 COVER+++++++++AGES 19+

In the tradition of Joy Division, Sonic Youth, My Bloody Valentine, and Slint, Terminus Victor caresses the essence of fear, stability, understanding, and intimacy.  With guitars and a drumkit.

This album is heavy, but with a momentum unencumbered.  The tones are stark and quite dark.  The drums are intese, ever the more present due to this being the band’s first full-length with a full-time (human) drummer.  It’s been a seven-year itch they’re dying to scratch.  You know the songs – they’ve been played out in the Midwest for the better half of a decade.  They know the songs.  It’s a true “Ditka vs Hurricane Ditka” situation placing their album “Prevention vs Intervention” up against its live performance.  There is something utterly visceral and FUN about the T Vic live show.  There is something impressively dramatic yet effortless in the presentation of these songs on this disc.  If desired, the vocals can act as part of the rhythm section as a way to haze out and hit at the same time, should you be involved otherwise while the record is playing wherever you are; conversely, if you are actively listening, emotional moments are an invigoration of something not quite buried, not quite forgotten.

But, again, if you music is just your soundtrack, it might just give you drive.

Or, if you stop paying attention at the wrong moment, it might catch you unawares like that part in Raiders of the Lost Ark where that Bronson-looking Nazi got chopped up by that aeroplane.

Terminus Victor headlines at Mike N Molly’s in Champaign, Illinois on Saturday, March 16th with Chicago’s Bear Claw and Tolono’s THUNDERTRUCK.

HSR04 – Grandkids “Timeshare”


It’s finally here!  The new Grandkids record!

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Timeshare will be streaming in its entirety all day today, March 7th, 2013, in honor of the band’s record release show/tour kickoff in Champaign!


Get to Mike N Molly’s for THREE other bands also headed to SXSW: Phox, Cold Fronts, and Minor Characters, and pick up a beautiful download card featuring art from A.B. Moore (  Tell your friends and the record and the show!  Spread the love as we send our four fearless freaks out into the world to represent the 217!


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Straight out the gate, we are excited about two highly anticipated releases out via Heirship this month!  Humblecore quartet GRANDKIDS and post-punk three-piece TERMINUS VICTOR will be releasing full-length albums with us in March 2013.  Stay tunes, we’ll have digital copies available for download from both, and physical discs for sale for Terminus Victor.

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